Mobile Customized Spray Tans

Who says you can’t be gorgeously brown, year-round?? Le Star Tan is proud to offer flawless customized airbrush spray tans! Each session starts with discussing with you, the appropriate custom color for your individual skin type, depending upon the natural color of your skin and the results you are trying to achieve. Once consultation is complete, every inch of your body will be airbrushed by hand, by one of our specialized salon technicians. In just 10 minutes you will have a gorgeous, bronze natural-looking tan, perfect for just you.
 Lasts 7-12 Days
 Pleasant, Naturally Sweet Scent
 Streak-Free
 Applied Evenly
 Lightweight, Non-Sticky  
 Dries Quickly
 Flawless Fade
 Shower after 5 hours (recommended) 

Prepare yourself for a beautifully airbrushed sunless tan, following these tips:
 Shower, exfoliate, and shave before airbrush tanning
 Shaving/waxing should be done at least the day before tanning
 Do not wear make-up, moisturizer, deodorant or jewelry to your appointment
 Wear loose fitting, dark clothing, with open sandals or thongs, to your tanning appointment
 Do NOT shower, moisturize, get wet, or exercise, for recommended hours after your spray tan (no manicures, pedicures or massage until after your 1st post- tan shower)
 Moisturize as often as required, after your 1 st post-tan shower. This will maintain and extend the life of your amazing airbrush sunless tan.
 Avoid long, hot showers/baths and pat skin dry. Do not rub!
 Chlorine will shorten the length of your tan so avoid swimming pools and Jacuzzis following application 


Best suited for fair to medium complexions, or those who love a natural sun-kissed tan
Single Tan $55.00
Package of 3 $145.00

Must wait 5-8 hours to take your first shower, after you get sprayed 

Private spray tan parties are the new fun thing! Whether a bridal party, a group of friends preparing to enter a competition, or friends just getting together for a fun time, there is no better way to get your glow on, than in the privacy of your own home, or preferred convenient location.
*Minimum of 4 people
*Choose your service
*20% travel fee (may be applied to each individual or the total for all)
*Travel fee is waived for parties of 8 people or more
*Will travel between Palm Springs and Indio
*Booking is based on availability, so please call in advance to schedule your party 

*All spray tan packages purchased expire 6 months from the date purchased
*All spray tan packages are non-transferrable and to be used by one patron only